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Title Photographer Date of Photo
Left, Tammy Sepplia, Savoonga with parents this will be Tammys 1st trip to FBKS- Stapleton, Rob 1981/07
"Judy Martin of Savoonga, sails to a third place in the running long lump.  Judy Stapleton, Rob 1981/07
Radio operator SP4, Mabelene Wongittilin, from Savoonga, has three years in the Schetzle, Harold 1979
A group portrait of men in  skin boats all wearing parkas. Burns, John 1965-1985
Unidentified men in a boat, all wearing parkas. Burns, John 1965-1980
[Photo of a woman, identified as Josephine Ungatt of Gambell, scraping a seal sk Unknown Photographer 1960-1997
A portrait of Robert Aiken Jr. eskimo dancing at the 1996 Kivgiq. Pickett-Chamberland, Anna 1996
Originally from St. Lawrence Island, this group now lives in Nome, and were ente Rothman, Stu 1970-1989
Walrus hide stretched on frame for later use an umiak cover provides the backdro Mozee, Yvonne 1979
A portrait of people getting ready to go out subsistence hunting. Evans, CD 1975/06
The survival of Native culture depended on reliable water transport.  Eskimos st Evans, CD 1975/06
Leonard Kamerling left Sarah Elder and Assistant Soundperson Woodrow Malewhotkuk Evans, CD 1976/08
A portrait of a headstart program in Gambell. Unknown Photographer 1976/04
A portrait of Lorena Koonooka sharpening a pencil. Unknown Photographer 1970-1976
A portrait of Daniel Iyaktan, Sr. carving with a cigerette in his mouth. Unknown Photographer 1970-1976
A portrait of two unidentified kids playing in a classroom. Unknown Photographer 1970-1985
A portrait of Leonard Nowpakahok teaching a class. Unknown Photographer 1965-1985
A portrait of a unidentified young boy studying whose America. Unknown Photographer 1965-1985
A portrait of unidentified kids in a classrom all reading books. Unknown Photographer 1965-1985
A portrait of three little girls sitting a their desk in school. Unknown Photographer 1965-1985
Gambell Artist Florence Napaaq Malewhotkuk. Unknown Photographer 1962-1980
Florence Nupok Malewotkuk, an artist from Gambell, on St.Lawrence Island, had Unknown Photographer 1962-1980
Members of the First Scout Battalion, Company A, from Gambell.] Unknown Photographer 1962-1980
Specialists Fourth Class David Seppilu (left) and Gideon Kasakie were administer Unknown Photographer 1962-1980
Myra Seppilu of Savoonga. Unknown Photographer 1962-1995

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