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Title Photographer Date of Photo
[Portrait of a young female dancer from Minto.] Henry, George 1978
ALFRED STEPETIN-- shows some Aleut boats and hunting materials to people attendi Gamache, Sue 1974-1994
Lucy Jacobs of the Bethel    Ortiz, Jennifer 1980/03/05
Harriet Knudson, left, of Juneau wears a Killer Whale clan blanket willed by her Laab, Ludwig 1983
Aleut night. playing an old game called Kaadakax   Unknown Photographer 1974-1994
Eliza Jones demonstrates net weaving Ortiz, Jennifer 1974-1994
[Two men sit on a stage floor.  Playing a game?] Gamache, Sue 1974-1994
Nome-Beltz dancers Ortiz, Jennifer 1974-1994
Minto Chief and family during the Potlatch. Ortiz, Jennifer 1977/03
A young Simik Ekowana dances at the Festival of Native Arts. Robinson, James 1974-1994
PROMOTING THE EVENT- Director of Native Studies Dennis Demmert and students dec Ortiz, Jennifer 1977/03
Tiny Tooksook Bay Dancer Ortiz, Jennifer 1980/03
Three elder ladies identified as from left to right Matilda Titus, Elsie Titus, Unknown Photographer 1933
[A young Athabascan dancer from Minto.] Henry, George 1977/03
[Tlingit dance group in front of Banner.  Festival of Native Arts.] Unknown Photographer 1974-1994
[Finishing touches.] Unknown Photographer 1974-1994
[A seated panel on stage at the Festival of Native Arts.] Gamache, Sue 1974-1994
[Woman flying in the blanket toss.] Unknown Photographer 1974-1994
FNA QUEEN CONTESTANT. Englishoe, Bartz 1980/03
MT ST. ELIAS DANCERS FROM YAKUTAT- l to r, Judy Ramos, George Ramos, Susan Abra Gamache, Sue 1974-1994
Astronaut Don Lind + Mathew Nikolai from Calista During Yupik Night Ortiz, Jennifer 1974-1994
"TWO BARROW DANCERS- Merril Nashalook, left, and Pete Sovalik [actually Clayborn Gamache, Sue 1980
FNA queen Sandra Erlich - center, First Runner-up Gloria Turner - left, and Sec Cowdrey, Stephen 1985/03
[Children from Sitka wait to begin dancing on stage at the Festival of Native Ar Gamache, Sue 1974-1994
[Waiting in line for food at the Festival of Native Arts.] Unknown Photographer 1974-1994

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